March 4 - April 2, 2015:


Curated by David Ryan (Reader in Fine Art, Anglia Ruskin University), this exhibition "examines the interface between the visual and the aural through notation, documentation, performance and video/moving image."

Included are several graphic scores by Earle Brown, some of them attributed by Brown to Folio II.

10 Stockwell Street / London / SE10 8EY

The Earle Brown Music Foundation and the Crested Butte Music Festival collaborate to create a new contemporary music festival: TIME SPANS, June 25-28. 2015

Hear music by: David Adamcyk, Hans Abrahamsen, Oscar Bettison, Taylor Brook, Zosha di Castri, Anthony Cheung, Georg Friedrich Haas, David Liptak, Alex Mincek, Matthias Pintscher, Caroline Shaw, Sean Shepherd, Amy Williams.

New On Our Website

A list of Earle Brown's published writings have been added to our website.

A link to a recording of Earle Brown's Music for Galerie Stadler has been added.

Rock Critic Paul Morley writes about Earle Brown's TIMES FIVE (1963) in the Guardian

Pop belongs to the last century. Classical music is more relevant to the future.
"Earle Brown’s exploration of form and formlessness, time and timelessness, sound and silent, old and new, works brilliantly in this new world of listening to music as though it is streamed directly from one mind to another with no barriers or mediation in-between."

December 1952, signature and title closeup:

Earle Brown December 1952 signature

In Memoriam Earle Brown, by Orlando Garcia

Composer Orlando Jacinto Garcia's new CD features three orchestra works, including In Memoriam Earle Brown (2011), performed by the Malaga Philharmonic, conducted by Jose Serebrier. Download or preorder.

New score uploads:

Browse the full score of the concert version of INDICES
Browse the full score of SIGN SOUNDS

Earle Brown's NEW
 PIECE (1972)

is now available from Edition Peters.

Folio II Update

Beginning in 1970, Earle Brown wrote many one-page graphic scores for a follow up to Folio. The Earle Brown Music Foundation has now confirmed eight works that belong to the collection. Peruse a PDF of the score.

New Recording of Earle Brown's DECEMBER 52

by the Berlin-Dutch electric guitar quartet Zwerm on Underwater Princess Waltz: A Collection of One Page Pieces,
from New World Records, with liner notes by Amy Beal.



More Scores Online
Edition Peters Germany has made 16 additional Earle Brown scores available online.

Images by Earle Brown of Morton Feldman discovered in the archive
The Newspaper - Le France Soir - reads:

"The photos of the tragic night in Paris
Desolation in the "Quartier Latin"
after the attacks on the barricades
between students and police
many injured
400 arrests
at night the government is trying to negotiate with protesters
At 2:15 am, failure, order was ... to destroy roadblocks

Morton Feldman reading France Soir 1968

Read an article about the Earle Brown Symposium BEYOND NOTATION by Robert Kirzinger on newmusicbox.

Two Key Note Addresses
Read the addresses by speakers Kyle Gann and Richard Toop for BEYOND NOTATION.