December 11, 2017
Earle Brown Archive Moved to Paul Sacher Foundation, Switzerland

The archive of the American composer Earle Brown (1926–2002) has been transferred from the Earle Brown Music Foundation Charitable Trust to the Paul Sacher Foundation. The collection will be available for research immediately. It contains musical autographs (sketches and drafts, as well as fair copies), text manuscripts, correspondence, sound recordings and photographs, and program brochures, reviews, and other documentary material. The transfer was made possible through a generous gift by the philanthropist Sabine Duschmalé.

The acquisition allows for multiple connections and references within the spectrum of collections at the Paul Sacher Foundation. Brown’s archive expands the Foundation's existing emphasis on American composers and also allows for cross references to the archives of composers who were close to Brown, including Cathy Berberian, Bruno Maderna, and Edgard Varèse, among others.

The collection’s holding can be searched provisionally through the catalogue of the Earle Brown Music Foundation here