Hodograph I

Year 1959
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes

[The revised Peters Edition score of 2007 replaces all previous editions.]

"….The title refers to the tracing (graphing) of the movement of “particles” within “cloud chambers” as they rebound off one another and thereby influence each other’s actions….."

HODOGRAPH I (1959) was composed in the spring of 1959 for the Darmstadt festival of that year. Luigi Nono was to give a lecture on notation and formal processes and suggested that I write this work for Severino Gazzelloni, David Tudor and Christoph Caskel, each of them an outstanding soloist.

The notation is primarily “proportional” (highly specific and controlled but with slightly flexible rhythmic articulation) but there are also three 15-second “graphically notated” sections in which my graphic line-drawings are the basis for improvisation by the performers. [download additional graphically notated sections here.] In effect, three collaborative cadenzas between my “implications” and the performer’s spontaneity.
—Earle Brown

More Information Piano/Celeste is one player. Percussion is orch. bells (Glockenspiel) marimba, vibraphone.

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Commissioned by Luigi Nono for Darmstadt Festival, Germany.
Audio Samples

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Selected Performances 1959-09-01 Darmstadt
Ensemble: David Tudor, Severino Gazzelloni, Christoph Caskel
World Premiere

1993-06-01 Hebbel Theater, Berlin

1995-01-12 Leipzig

2012-12-15 Bern, Switzerland
Ensemble: Ensemble Proton

A life in music - CONTEMPORARY SOUND SERIES Box 2 (released 2009)
Performed by: Various
Produced by: Wergo

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