New Piece

Year 1971
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes

[This score was previously self-published by Earle Brown. It is available as facsimile print from Edition Peters as of 2007.]

NEW PIECE is related to the "Modules" series for large orchestra but is texturally much more simple. Each of four groups of instruments is orchestrated on a single interval: 5ths, octaves, minor 9ths, and 10ths. The conductor may combine, shape and form them in various ways, as in "Modules" - a simple sonic event.
—Earle Brown
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Selected Performances 1971-11-12 New York University
Ensemble: The former Juilliard Chamber Ensemble
Conductor: Earle Brown

1972-02-06 Peabody Conservatory of Music

1981-08-04 Aspen Music Festival
Conductor: Earle Brown

1987-05-11 Auditorium RAI, Rome
Ensemble: Ensemble Gruppo Musica d'Oggi
Conductor: Earle Brown

1990-05-19 Lee Chapel, Washington and Lee University
Ensemble: The Sonoklect Ensemble, The Washington and Lee New Music Ensemble, Washington and Lee University musicians, Lexington musicians
Conductor: Earle Brown

1995-01-15 Leipzig
Conductor: Earle Brown

2006-06-01 London
Ensemble: Lontano
Conductor: Dan Asia

2016-07-21 Athens, Greece
performed by The Ritsos Project
TRACER (CD / DVD) (released 2006)
Performed by: ne(x)tworks
Produced by: MODE records

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