Sign Sounds

Year 1972
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes [The revised Peters Edition score of 2007 replaces all previous editions.]

SIGN SOUNDS is an “open form” composition in which the sound-content is written and controlled in “proportional notation.” The final form of each performance of the composed elements will be different according to the musicality and sensibilities of the conductor.

See performance notes for FOLIO (1952-53) and/or AVAILABLE FORMS I + II (1961 and 1962) [or NOVARA (1962)].
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As of March 16, 2016, an errata page can be found here.

Commissioned by the State University of New York, Albany, for a performance in Potsdam, New York. Click to see the general instructions for conducting “open form.”

Audio Samples

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Selected Performances 1972-00-00
Ensemble: Peabody Conservatory Ensemble
Conductor: Earle Brown

1972-10-00 Potsdam, New York
Conductor: Earle Brown
first performance

1978-04-01 Valencia, California
Ensemble: Cal Arts 20th Century Players
Conductor: Earle Brown

1978-05-29 NY
NYC premiere.
Musical Elements - New Music from the Northeast
The Truck and Warehouse Theatre, 79 East 4th St, Manhattan
Conductor: Dan Asia

1979-01-22 Radio France, Paris
Conductor: Earle Brown

1980-08-19 Radio France

1990-11-17 Crowder Hall, University of Arizona
Ensemble: The Arizona Contemporary Ensemble
Conductor: Daniel Asia

1998-00-00 Miami
Ensemble: New World Symphony
Conductor: Earle Brown

2006-10-10 NEC's Jordan Hall, Boston
Conductor: Stephen Drury

2013-01-19 Boston
Callithumpian Consort
Conductor: Stephen Drury

2016-02-22 Tucson
Arizona Contemporary Ensemble
Conductor: Dan Asia

2016-02-24 Scottsdale
Arizona Contemporary Ensemble
Conductor: Dan Asia