Year 1979
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes
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Installation for six cassette recorders suspended by ropes and pulleys playing endless loop cassettes. Members of the audience can reconfigure the cassette players' spatial location by operating the pulley system—a spatial construction of "open form." Wikiup was commissioned by ICI, Independent Curators Incorporated.

Listen to a stereo mix of the version for six instruments below as used for the US exhibition "SUPERSHOW," and a stereo mix of the electronic version as used in the Berlin exhibition, "Fuer Augen und Ohren." These mixes reflect one of many possible random combinations of the six channels in time.

Sound Installation, 6 independent playing devices, (soundfiles & description)

Audio Samples

Wikiup, version for six instrumentsdownload

Wikiup, Berlin versiondownload

Selected Performances 1979-10-20 The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, New York, October 20,1979 to December 9, 1979

1980-02-15 Berlin, Fuer Augen und Ohren (Berliner Musiktage) Feb. 15 & 16,1980

1980-04-12 The Center for Fine Arts, Mesa, Arizona, April 12, 1980 - June 4 1980

1980-10-03 The New Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, October 3, 1908 - October 31, 1980

1980-10-26 Landmark Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, January 26, 1980 - March 9, 1980

1981-07-29 Aspen Music Festival