Event: Synergy II

Year 1967
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes [The revised Peters Edition score of 2007 replaces all previous editions.]

EVENT SYNERGY II is "...an “open-form” work (click to see the general instructions for conducting “open form” ) in proportional and graphic notations. The control of the form, the materials and the conducting techniques are basically the same as in (my) Available Forms I and II, From Here, Modules I and II." Instrumentation: 19 instruments max. 

For ensemble and two conductors
2Fl., 2Ob., Ca., 3Cl., B-cl., 2 Bsn. - 4Vln.,2Va.,2Vc. / variable duration

Alternative performing formats:
Fl., Ob., Ca., Cl., B-cl., Bsn. - string quartet
or: Fl., Ob., 2Cl., Bsn - string quartet
or: 2Fl.,2Ob., Ca., 3Cl., B-cl., 2Bsn.
or: 4Vln., 2Va., 2Vc.

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(See also: "Event Synergy II instrumentation".)
More Information Commissioned by the Festival de Royan (French Radio) 1967
Selected Performances 1967-00-00 Festival de Royan, France
World premiere

1970-08-13 Aspen Music Festival
Conductor: Earle Brown
U.S. Premiere

1972-01-21 New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater; New York, NY
Ensemble: New York Philharmonic
Conductor: Bruno Maderna and Earle Brown

1972-02-06 Peabody Conservatory of Music

1981-08-04 Aspen Music Festival
Conductor: Richard Dufallo, Earle Brown

1988-03-01 New York
Musical elements

1989-09-28 Tucson, Arizona

1995-01-12 Leipzig
Conductor: Earle Brown, Steffen Schleiermacher

2000-05-22 Alice Tully Hall, New York City, USA
Ensemble: The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble
Conductor: Petr Kotik

2004-09-02 Jordan Hall, Boston, USA
Ensemble: New England Conservatory Orchestra
Conductor: Stephen Drury

2005-05-19 Ruhr-Universitaet. Bochum, Germany
Ensemble: Bochumer Symphoniker
Conductor: Steven Sloane

2005-05-22 Konzerthaus, Dortmund, Germany
Ensemble: Bochumer Symphoniker
Conductor: Steven Sloane

2013-11-22 Seattle
Seattle Modern Orchestra, two performances.
Conductors: Julia Tai and Jérémy Jolley.

Centering: The Music of Earle Brown (released 1997)
Performed by: San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Produced by: Newport Classic

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Synergy (released 1994)
Performed by: Ensemble Avantgarde Leipzig
Produced by: Hat Hut Records

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