New Piece Loops
1971 – 1972


c. 20'


Edition Peters

Instrumentation Notes

choir and / or orchestra

Program Notes

[This score was previously self-published by Earle Brown. It is available as facsimile print from Edition Peters as of 2007.]

More Information

For SATB chorus + orchestra. – – 2Perc. – 2Hrp. – 2Pn. – /ca 20′
Chorus: 12S, 12A, 12T, 12B in 3 or 4 groups
Commissioned by the Venice Biennale de Musica Internazionale Festival.

NEW PIECE LOOPS is based on a 1971 sketch for the 18 instruments of AVAILABLE FORMS I. In its present condition the sketch is transposed and adapted for large chorus and large orchestra, the scores of which may be performed together or separately. The original sketch is for the 18 instruments in 4 groups to be placed in the corners of the auditorium, with the conductor in the center. When space permits I ask that the large chorus and orchestra be similarly distributed but I don’t insist upon this condition.

Since the STRING QUARTET (1965) and MODULES I+II (1966) I have been working toward a simplification of the materials in the works. I have written graphic scores and scores for collective improvisations and for all combinations of control, open form, performer interpretation, etc. since 1952, and will continue to work with these conditions in future works. However, now that these kinds of scores and performance practices have become the cliches of today’s music (and extremely boring for the most part) I prefer to move my work in another direction. Random sound, (as beautiful as it can be), is as boring and academic in 1972 as neo-classicism was in 1952. NEW PIECE LOOPS is based on 4 simple intervals. This of course may also be boring but for me it is more of a challenge and a less over-indulged area for exploration.”
—Earle Brown, Kiel, Germany

Selected Performances

September 16, 1972 • Teatro La Fenice, Venice, Italy

Ensemble: Chor und Orchester des Norddeutschen Rundfunks, HamburgConductor: Gabriele Ferro, Helmut Franz (Chor)(prima esecuzione assoluta) first performance

Earle Brown Music Foundation