Folio II

Year 1982
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes A collection of graphic scores begun after 1970.

More Information

In a letter to Roger Johnson (October 24, 1976) Earle Brown wrote that his score ONE THROUGH FIVE (which was also titled: ONE TO FIVE ), "will eventually be published with five or six other 'sonic events' as a Folio II." The Earle Brown Music Foundation has identified eight works that were performed, recorded or composed as part of Folio II.

It can be perused as a PDF.

Selected Performances 1990-05-19 Lexington, Virginia, USA
One to Five (1970) 
Lee Chapel, Washington and Lee University.
The SONOKLECT Ensemble
The Washington and Lee New Music Ensemble
Washington and Lee University musicians
Earle Brown, conductor 

Four Systems (released 1993)
Performed by: Eberhard Blum
Produced by: Hat Hut Records

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The New York School 3 (released 1994)
Performed by: Eberhard Blum, Art Lange, Jan Williams
Produced by: Hat Hut Records

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